International student Greg Vukets a new face on Ryerson’s volleyball team

The country is different, but the volleyball court is almost identical to the one Greg Vukets left behind.

The 18-year-old looks at home as he jokes around with his new teammates during practice. You wouldn’t know that he left New Zealand just last month to begin his sports career in Canada as a Ryerson Ram. The adjustment to his new home in Toronto hasn’t been as challenging as he thought it would be.

“The cultures aren’t that different, people think I sound funny but that’s pretty much it,” he says.

The 6’2″ freshman shows a lot of passion for the game no matter what country he’s playing in.

“I like to bring a lot of energy when I’m on the court, I show up, I enjoy it, I play, I do what I’m told, its pretty simple,” Vukets says.

One of the reasons he started playing volleyball is because his family members were so involved with the sport. His Dad played on the Junior National Team, his sister played, and both of his parents coach. “It’s just kind of in my blood I guess,” he says.

Vukets had a leadership role on his high school team in New Zealand. He was captain on the Westlake Boys volleyball team for three years before starting out this year as a freshman.

When he has more time he’s  looking forward to exploring more of Toronto, despite leaving Auckland where he says his house was a fifteen minute drive to the beach.

“I love being in the heart of downtown, there’s lots to see, I’m excited to go and explore some different places.”

“[The move from high school] “has been different but its been really good,” Vuket says.

The setter will play his next game October 27th vs. McMaster.



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